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Satin Review

25 Feb

Guess what? It’s another theatre review! Durham Drama Festival, a week of student-written productions, is currently taking place, and last night I had the pleasure of seeing Satin. The dark tale of a group of Victorian prostitutes, this performance took place in Old Shire Hall, and was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. As always, I will link you to my review on the Durham Theatre Review site, rather than posting a full review here, but I do hope that you go and take a look, and read reviews of some of the other DDF performances while you’re at it. And so, without further ado:


I’m proud of myself for this one, as I managed to write what I consider to be a well-balanced review, and to give three stars without being guilty. The do say practice makes perfect!

(For those of you looking for my final #DearValentine entry, I will post it tomorrow. Too much journalism/blogging, not enough academic work!)