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Recap/Review: The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 6 (Smells Like Teen Spirit)

27 Dec

Some vital questions are raised in this episode of The Vampire Diaries. Does Elena have yet another romantic interest? Has Katherine lost all of her common sense? Will Caroline ever catch a break? I’d like to tell you that this recap will answer these questions, but unfortunately until I can’t provide the answers until the show does. And I think we could be waiting a long time…

Elena wants Stefan gone

Unsurprisingly, Elena is none too impressed with the return of her Ripper boyfriend, and is in cahoots with Alaric in order to get rid of him. If this leads to an Alaric/Elena relationship then I shall be severely unimpressed, life is complicated enough in this town without yet another man falling in love with Vanilla Girl. (If it was women though, now that would be a completely different kettle of fish. There is just not enough lesbianism in the world…) She starts the episode by utterly failing at vampire hunting school, but luckily there’s another role for her, using her womanly wiles. At the annual start of term bonfire (i.e. yet another town event) she makes a big show of getting drunk in front of Stefan, culminating on her falling off some bleachers and landing in his arms. It’s almost a romantic moment, until Alaric shoots him and bundles him into the back of his car. Will they get rid of him for good this time? No, because…

Vicki really is bad news

In fact, she’s bad news incarnate, thanks to a blood ritual which she convinces Matt to do. Matt is ecstatic to have his sister back, but not for long as it turns out that she’s struck a deal with some of the creepy dead witches who we encountered earlier. She’s struck a deal with them which means that she can only stay ‘alive’ if she stops Klaus’s hybrids from surviving – by killing Elena. She quickly sets about doing just that, by setting her car alight, meaning that Stefan has to be rescued from within it. The not-so-happy couple survive their ordeal, and Matt has to send Vicki away. The poor guy just can’t catch a break, can he?

Rebekah moves in

Speaking of people who can’t catch a break, Matt’s ex-girlfriend Caroline isn’t having the best of days either. Tyler is still excessively chipper after his hybrid transformation last episode, and unfortunately chipper seems to come with a side order of douche bag. “Don’t bring your breakfast to school!” Caroline chides, when Tyler arrives with blood-smeared lips, and it’s not the blood bags favoured by her and Stefan that he’s drinking either. He’s been hooked up with the real stuff by the boarding house’s latest resident, Rebekah (or as Damon calls her, Barbie Klaus). And it’s not just Caroline’s boyfriend that Rebekah’s moving in on, it’s her whole life, as she wows the squad at cheerleading practice. Rebekah is definitely spicing things up in Mystic Falls, but does the show really need a second Caroline?

Besides, it’s still Tyler who’s the biggest cause for concern this episode, as they later learn that Tyler was sired by Klaus when he became a hybrid. In layman’s (or at least Damon’s) terms, this means that he’s now Klaus’s “hybrid slave minion”. “How do we fix him?” Caroline asks, and Damon’s suggestion (“Get a new boyfriend.”) is probably not what she wants to here.

Katherine gets stupider by the second

Across the country, Katherine is also receiving unsatisfactory answers to her questions. After spending the best part of the episode dangling mice over Mikael’s impassive form, she eventually manages to wake him by dripping blood into his mouth. It isn’t what he wants though, as once he has recovered sufficiently to tell her that he will kill Klaus (hooray!) he also explains “I don’t feed on living things.” “Then what do you eat?” Katherine asks, foolishly leaning closer. Can she really not have seen what’s coming next? If you can’t either, then I’ll let you watch the episode to find out!

All in all, despite becoming increasingly frustrated with Katherine’s stupidity, I did enjoy this episode. I’m hoping that the next one will provide the answers to some of my questions though!

Recap/Review: The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 5 (The Reckoning)

3 Nov

From its slightly lacklustre premiere, The Vampire Diaries has only improved this season, and this episode is no exception. The suspense is kept high from the opening scenes, and even though some conclusions are reached by the end of the episode, there are still plenty of questions to be answered next week. The only low point for me was Elena’s continuous faith in Stefan – how many times does she have to be told that he’s a Ripper now?


The Road Trip

Did I mention that I love Katherine being back? She and Damon go on a road trip this episode, which is suitably amusing (“Stop being cute!” “It’s not possible.”), although Damon does manage to hurt her feelings by telling her that she doesn’t do it for him anymore.

There’s an extra body on this road trip too, Jeremy. Katherine has kidnapped him in the hope that he can communicate with Anna and find out about a way to kill Klaus for real. Anna is reluctant, giving the information only once Katherine starts beating Jeremy up. And it would appear that it’s not just Jeremy she’s trying to protect. The vampire who can kill Klaus is a vampiric vampire hunter called Michael, and Klaus is by no means the only vampire on his hit list. When they find him in his tomb at the end of the episode, bound in chains even in death, and Katherine stills seems intent on waking him, you could be forgiven for wondering if she has been taking self-preservation lessons from her doppelganger.


The Return of Matt

The residents of Mystic Falls, both supernatural and human, are preparing to return to school in this episode, which means one very important thing for me: Matt’s back! I didn’t like Matt back when he was dating Caroline, but he does have an important role in the show as one of the few characters who refuses to become supernatural. And possibly it was the fact that he spent most of the episode seemingly inches from death, but I actually felt a little more sympathetic to him this week.

In the opening scenes, we see him working out in the darkened school, and I’m absolutely convinced that he’s about to meet his maker. Human characters rarely last long in this show…actually few characters last long in this show… But no, all that he’s in danger of for the time being is severely upsetting Caroline if he messes up Senior Prank Night. She is back to the Caroline we all know and love, the neurotic control freak on crack. “We are making memories here guys!” She complains, but she’s about to have bigger problems on her hands.


The Hybrid Problem

Of course, Klaus is back, and he knows that Elena survived the sacrifice. As soon as Stefan realises what’s going on, he arrives too, with Rebekah in hot pursuit. So that’s two Originals and a Ripper walking the corridors of Mystic Falls High…is Senior Prank Night still looking like a good idea?

Klaus decides to play a little game with the teenagers, feeding Tyler his blood and ordering Bonnie to find a way for him to survive the transformation. Later, he decides that this game isn’t quite fun enough, and sets a time limit, compelling Stefan to kill Elena if Bonnie hasn’t found a solution in twenty minutes. Elena, displaying absolutely no self-preservation, ignores his orders to run and instead tries to talk him down. He’s not a toddler, love, he’s a murderous vampire, and if he says run, you should run!

Luckily, Bonnie manages to find the solution, after Matt finds a non-magical way to communicate with the spirits – drowning himself. “But I can’t bring you back!” Bonnie protests, and Matt, with a good dollop of common sense, reminds her about CPR. You’d never know that the girl used to be a lifeguard… What they realise is that Elena’s blood is needed to complete the transformation, so Tyler ends the episode a hybrid, and Elena nearly ends it drained of all her blood in a hospital bed, before Damon comes to her rescue. Salvatore does mean saviour, you know!

Just when it looks like Elena and Damon might share a season finale-esque moment though, Stefan arrives. Klaus has left him behind to keep watch over her. This does not bode well, for anyone…

Recap/Review: The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 4 (Disturbing Behaviour)

20 Oct

The Originals

This is only Rebekah’s second episode, and already I love her. But more than that, I love the dynamic between her and Klaus (“Will you stop making me out to be a brat? I am not a brat!” “A thousand years of life experience says otherwise.”), and when you add Stefan to the mix, you get a really awesome trio. I can genuinely see these three hanging out forever for all eternity. However, with Klaus coming ever closer to discovering that Elena is still alive, this looks unlikely to happen.

In this episode, Klaus convinces Gloria to scry for Rebekah’s necklace, leading her to discover her secret. Luckily for him, she doesn’t tell the Originals. Unluckily for him, she wants the necklace for herself, and decides the best way to get it is by tying him to a table and practicing a little old-school voodoo. His luck hasn’t run out quite yet though, as Katherine arrives to rescue her, hoping to work with him to find the vampire hunter from whom Klaus has apparently been running for centuries. He turns her down though, allowing Katherine go back to her old favourite activity, impersonating Elena.

The Teens

Bonnie’s back! Now, I don’t always like her, but her absence from the show definitely leaves a hole. And in this case, she’s back just in the nick of time as boyfriend Jeremy has been dreaming about Anna. The aforementioned dead vampire ex-girlfriend is continuing to show up when he least expects it, and this week she seems to be doing her utmost to keep Jeremy away from his new girlfriend. She has forgotten one thing though, and that’s that his new girlfriend’s a witch, who is understandably worried about her boyfriend seeing dead people. But as of yet, we have no solution to this particular problem, and I for one am interested to see where it leads.

There’s another interesting relationship development in this episode, with Elena and Damon making chilli and being unbearably couple-y. (“I knew your old family.” Damon teases, moments before bumping hips with the love of his brother’s life. “They made sucky chilli.”). It falls to Caroline to dispense relationship advice, in a role that she hasn’t had for far too long in this show. “Where’s Damon?” Elena asks, and Caroline’s response is “Probably off somewhere doing bad things to good people…consider me the honesty police.” Classic. However much the supernatural goings-on may be the driving force behind this show, sometimes all it needs is a little light-hearted teenage drama.

The Council

Here’s something else we haven’t heard about in a while, the Council. This episode there are two people trying to force their way into this prestigious circle, and both of them are somewhat unlikely candidates for membership. The first is Bill Forbes, whose presence is unexpected purely because Damon was supposed to have compelled him to forget everything that happened in the last episode. Apparently that willpower that he’s been practising really does work! However, he nearly doesn’t live to tell the tale, as Damon attempts to go back to finish the job, and not with compulsion this time. Luckily for him, his daughter is able to put last week’s torture session behind her to save his life (or maybe she just enjoys beating the crap out of Damon).

The second new Council member is Alaric, who has been going to great lengths to protect Elena this episode, even fighting with his old buddy Damon. And he might just be the first Council member to know everything about the supernatural happenings in the town first-hand. But whether that will make the Council any more effective at protecting the town’s inhabitants is another matter entirely…

Recap/Review: The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 3 (The End of the Affair)

3 Oct

The Vampire Diaries returned to our screens three weeks ago, and it’s fair to say that up until now I haven’t been that impressed with the third season. As the second season ended with the sacrifice that the show had been building up to for weeks, the aftermath felt more than a little flat. But that all changed last week!

Katherine’s return

The main reason for my renewed interest was probably the return of everyone’s favourite bad girl, Katherine Pierce. OK, we barely saw her, but just the fact that she was there made the episode so much better (and reminded me how boring Elena is in comparison to her badass alter ego). Here’s hoping for a longer appearance from her next week!

Stefan’s dark side

They’ve been telling us for a long time that Stefan used to be evil, but this was the first time that we really saw him as the Ripper. And it was chilling, but also kind of sexy! Poor Stefan, he spends years being good, and all the adoring fanbase want is for him to feed his victims’ blood to their husbands and scrawl their names on his wall. (Am I wrong to assume that my views speak for the entire adoring fanbase? Maybe. But I know that at least some of you will agree with me, so I’m happy to make a broad generalisation.)

On a related note, who didn’t love Klaus and Stefan’s friendship this episode? And who wasn’t at least a little heartbroken when Klaus erased Stefan’s memory of it? Which leads us directly to…


I’ve been waiting forever for them to introduce some new Originals, so I was very excited about this new development. And I love Rebekah as a character, feisty, petulant, opinionated, you can tell she and Klaus are related… Although this does mean that there’s yet another woman competing for Stefan’s affections, which strikes me as more than a little excessive!

And on another related note, who were Klaus and Rebekah running from? And what does Katherine have to do with it (because you can be sure that if there’s a tricky situation on this show, then she’ll be tied up in it somehow)?

Damon (and Elena, but mostly just Damon)

He was awesome, enough said. That scene at the beginning, when he was in bed beside Elena? I think someone’s been picking up some manipulation techniques from an ex-girlfriend. Plus he gets all the best lines. Although leaving Elena in Stefan’s old apartment was definitely not one of his finest moments.

Yet another African-American witch

Seriously show, this is something that you need to work on. I know you have quotas to fulfil, but they don’t have to be fulfilled in the casting of witches. Must try harder!

That said, Gloria was incredible, and got all the good lines that didn’t go to Damon. (“Not in my bar, you take it outside!” Best way to break up a fight ever!) If we see more of her (and I have a feeling we will), I definitely won’t be sorry.

And finally…

Caroline (and her umpteenth torture scene)

This is another action point for the show. I may be biased, as Caroline is one of my favourite characters, but couldn’t she be integrated back into the main plots? Her last few storylines have all involved either torture, betrayal by someone close to her, or her blossoming relationship with Mystic Falls’ resident wolf. This last storyline managed to incorporate all three.

Now that her mother has accepted her, fangs and all, it was clearly time for her father to appear as a badass vampire hunter. The torture scenes were incredibly difficult to watch (although I was surprised that she could survive for that long after being exposed to sunlight, especially with vervain in her system). And that scene at the end? It’s competing with the scene at the end of Daddy Issues for ‘Closest I’ve Come to Crying at a TVD Episode’ – I don’t cry easily at TV shows, but Candice Accola just gets me!

So there we have it (and yes, I have ignored the Stefan/Elena break-up, but I’m sorry, they just don’t interest me that much, and this review is already over 700 words). I haven’t watched the promo clip for next week, but I’m very excited to see what happens!

A Note on TV Recaps and Reviews

2 Oct

As of last Thursday, when Private Practice returned for its fifth season, Friday became both my favourite and my least favourite day.  My favourite because I have new episodes of three of my favourite shows (The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, and Private Practice) to watch, and my least favourite because I have to decide which to watch first! As my grandmother would say, it’s a hard life for a crust…

Anyway, this is more of a problem now because I’m determined to recap and review (mostly recap, to be honest) all three of these shows, but I don’t want to blog four times on a Friday (three recaps and my Fiction Friday post), and not at all for the rest of the week. So, I’ll continue to post my Fiction Friday entries on Fridays (it wouldn’t make sense to post them on any other day after all), and then my three recaps staggered throughout the week, making sure that they’re all up in time for the new episodes on Friday.

(It should be noted that I’m simultaneously impressed at myself making these grand plans, and wary of how well I’ll be able to stick to them once the new term starts.)