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Recap/Review: The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 6 (Smells Like Teen Spirit)

27 Dec

Some vital questions are raised in this episode of The Vampire Diaries. Does Elena have yet another romantic interest? Has Katherine lost all of her common sense? Will Caroline ever catch a break? I’d like to tell you that this recap will answer these questions, but unfortunately until I can’t provide the answers until the show does. And I think we could be waiting a long time…

Elena wants Stefan gone

Unsurprisingly, Elena is none too impressed with the return of her Ripper boyfriend, and is in cahoots with Alaric in order to get rid of him. If this leads to an Alaric/Elena relationship then I shall be severely unimpressed, life is complicated enough in this town without yet another man falling in love with Vanilla Girl. (If it was women though, now that would be a completely different kettle of fish. There is just not enough lesbianism in the world…) She starts the episode by utterly failing at vampire hunting school, but luckily there’s another role for her, using her womanly wiles. At the annual start of term bonfire (i.e. yet another town event) she makes a big show of getting drunk in front of Stefan, culminating on her falling off some bleachers and landing in his arms. It’s almost a romantic moment, until Alaric shoots him and bundles him into the back of his car. Will they get rid of him for good this time? No, because…

Vicki really is bad news

In fact, she’s bad news incarnate, thanks to a blood ritual which she convinces Matt to do. Matt is ecstatic to have his sister back, but not for long as it turns out that she’s struck a deal with some of the creepy dead witches who we encountered earlier. She’s struck a deal with them which means that she can only stay ‘alive’ if she stops Klaus’s hybrids from surviving – by killing Elena. She quickly sets about doing just that, by setting her car alight, meaning that Stefan has to be rescued from within it. The not-so-happy couple survive their ordeal, and Matt has to send Vicki away. The poor guy just can’t catch a break, can he?

Rebekah moves in

Speaking of people who can’t catch a break, Matt’s ex-girlfriend Caroline isn’t having the best of days either. Tyler is still excessively chipper after his hybrid transformation last episode, and unfortunately chipper seems to come with a side order of douche bag. “Don’t bring your breakfast to school!” Caroline chides, when Tyler arrives with blood-smeared lips, and it’s not the blood bags favoured by her and Stefan that he’s drinking either. He’s been hooked up with the real stuff by the boarding house’s latest resident, Rebekah (or as Damon calls her, Barbie Klaus). And it’s not just Caroline’s boyfriend that Rebekah’s moving in on, it’s her whole life, as she wows the squad at cheerleading practice. Rebekah is definitely spicing things up in Mystic Falls, but does the show really need a second Caroline?

Besides, it’s still Tyler who’s the biggest cause for concern this episode, as they later learn that Tyler was sired by Klaus when he became a hybrid. In layman’s (or at least Damon’s) terms, this means that he’s now Klaus’s “hybrid slave minion”. “How do we fix him?” Caroline asks, and Damon’s suggestion (“Get a new boyfriend.”) is probably not what she wants to here.

Katherine gets stupider by the second

Across the country, Katherine is also receiving unsatisfactory answers to her questions. After spending the best part of the episode dangling mice over Mikael’s impassive form, she eventually manages to wake him by dripping blood into his mouth. It isn’t what he wants though, as once he has recovered sufficiently to tell her that he will kill Klaus (hooray!) he also explains “I don’t feed on living things.” “Then what do you eat?” Katherine asks, foolishly leaning closer. Can she really not have seen what’s coming next? If you can’t either, then I’ll let you watch the episode to find out!

All in all, despite becoming increasingly frustrated with Katherine’s stupidity, I did enjoy this episode. I’m hoping that the next one will provide the answers to some of my questions though!