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Recap/Review: The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 3 (Loner)

17 Oct

I hate to say it, but I think I’m getting old. Where once a high school dance episode would have made me wish that school discos in the UK weren’t just for the under-13s, now they just elicit a sigh of impatience and a “not another high school dance episode” comment. Is this a sign that I’m leaving my childhood behind? Could I even be growing out of teen dramas?Or has the Vampire Diaries, with its one decade dance for every three episodes policy, just left me jaded? There could be hope for me yet…

The dance

With that introduction, it won’t surprise you to learn that the main focus of this episode is a high school dance. Melissa wants to go with Nick, Adam’s friend Luke wants to go with Cassie, and Cassie doesn’t really want to go at all, but gets roped into helping in an attempt to keep class president Sally off the Circle’s trail. Sally is intuitive in more ways than one and quickly picks up on the chemistry between Adam and Cassie (because really, who hasn’t?). She then spends most of the episode trying to push them together, leading to them sharing a slow dance, much to the dismay of both their dates.

The dance is, however, disrupted by…

The mysterious stranger

Zachary Larson spends most of the episode harassing the Circle, telling them that he knows about their powers (who doesn’t?) and that there can’t be a repeat of what happened sixteen years ago. He attacks Faye while she tries to practice magic in the abandoned house, and after realising that the Circle is bound, he goes to the school to kill one of them. Meanwhile, Faye has already arrived at the school, and the teens use her mother’s master key to search the school records, learning that Heather Barnes, Zachary’s girlfriend from his school years, was involved in the fire sixteen years ago. As the Circle defend themselves against Zachary, Cassie apologises for Heather’s death. Chillingly, he responds that she isn’t dead, but that Cassie’s mother did something far worse to her. The Circle then use magic to smack him into the ceiling, knocking him unconscious. This leads to one of the best scenes in the episode, as Faye’s mother catches them, and pretends to buy their story that they caught him ‘breaking into the lockers’. What exactly would he have been trying to steal?

At the end of the episode, Dawn and Charles take care of that particular problem by putting a tracking spell on Zachary so that they will know if he ever comes near their children again.

Diana and Cassie

This show has been fairly low on character development so far, but they are at least attempting to develop the friendship between Diana and Cassie. Diana spends most of the episode trailing after Cassie like a lost puppy, whether because she actually wants to be friends with her or just to keep her away from her boyfriend only time will tell. Cassie resists this, taking pride in her loner status, until the end of the episode when Diana confronts her about her feelings for Adam. Cassie reassures the other girl that she has no designs on her boyfriend, and finally extends the hand of friendship. If this is developed properly, it could be very interesting…