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Recap/Review: The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 2 (Bound)

11 Oct

After an impressive pilot episode, I had high hopes for The CW’s new series, ‘The Secret Circle’. However, I have to say the the last few episodes have been a disappointment, with the relationships and story-lines failing to develop quickly enough for my liking. Still, I’m hoping that The Secret Circle, like The Vampire Diaries before it, will improve with time and so I will be persisting with it for now, although my recaps for it may be a little shorter than for other shows.

The Binding

Most of this episode, as the title suggests, focuses on the binding of the circle’s powers. As was suggested last week, Diana thinks that this is a great idea, whereas Faye (and Melissa, who goes along with everything Faye says) are far more interested in using their powers to make fire in Chemistry class. Because lighting a Bunsen burner is so difficult… Cassie is also experimenting with her powers, and the results are always bigger than she expects. Unfortunately, she also has a habit of freaking out every time she performs magic, which kind of detracts from her general witchiness. Why do the characters in these supernatural dramas always have to be so clueless?

To cut a long story short, Faye is eventually convinced to do the binding ritual after she almost kills the class president with a magic-aided shove. Actually, she does kill her, but luckily she has a mother with a magic crystal to clean up her messes for her (more on that later).

The Adults

A spanner is thrown in the works for Dawn and Charles, as Dawn father-in-law Henry arrives to check up on them. He also talks to Ethan about that little drowning incident last week, and it doesn’t take him long to realise that Bad Things are happening in this town. He tells Dawn that the situation needs to be taken care of, by which he clearly means that the magic must be stopped.

Dawn takes care of the situation by taking the magic crystal from Charles (it would appear that the adults can only do magic if they have this crystal). It’s this crystal which she uses to heal Sally when Faye pushes her off the pier. However, her next use for the crystal is less well-meaning, as she gives Henry a heart attack when he threatens to report her and Charles to the elders. I’m guessing that this isn’t the last we’ll be hearing about the elders though, especially as they seem to be heavily against the use of magic.

The Relationships

Of course, teen drama wouldn’t be what it is without a little bit of love in the air. In this episode we see Melissa (a.k.a. Faye’s sidekick) get her own hint of a story-line as she hooks up with Nick (a.k.a. the Peeping Tom neighbour). However, at this point it looks to be little more than a hook up, as Nick shows no sign of giving up his Casanova lifestyle, and is dancing with Faye before the episode is over.

Then we have Cassie and Adam, the star-crossed lovers. In terms of their ‘relationship’ this episode is very similar to the pilot (they do some magic together, it goes extraordinarily well, Cassie runs away), but there is one crucial difference. With a little nudge from Faye, Diana realises that the new girl might want to be more than just friends with her boyfriend. Unsurprisingly, she gets paranoid about this, but Adam reassures her that she has nothing to worry about. Because really, a few light bulbs going out when they’re together isn’t anything, is it?

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