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Fiction Friday – The Silence

6 Aug

This week’s prompt was: Your character walks into a room of people. Everything goes uncomfortably silent and all eyes narrow in on your character. Now keep writing.

And this is what I came up with:

As soon as the doors swing open, you feel the atmosphere change. The gay chatter of just a moment before instantly dissipates into muffled whispers. Heads are turning, people literally craning their necks to get a better look at you. It’s the type of attention that might have been flattering, had the occasion only been different.

Swallowing hard, smoothing down your suit, you force yourself to walk forwards. Although you’re no longer looking at the others, you can feel their eyes following your progress, hear their murmurs as loudly as if they were being shouted directly into your ears. For a moment you consider backing out, just turning on your heel and running, taking the shelter that those heavy oak doors are offering. The outcome would surely be the same.

But you don’t. Drawing in a deep breath, running your hands nervously over your suit for a second time, you take the final few steps. You place your hand on the proffered Bible and look up, facing the room.

“I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.” You proclaim.

You can do this.

You think.

Fiction Friday – Monopoly

29 Jul

This is my second Fiction Friday, it’s more of a moment than a short story really, I tend to have trouble structuring short stories into something that actually resembles a story. But anyway, the prompt was a picture of a clock and a die, and this is what I came up with:

“Roll the dice.” Laura urged. “C’mon, we’ve only got twenty minutes left.”

“Ninteen now.” Martin announced officiously, glancing at the blinking numbers on the digital clock. “So hurry up.”

“But I’m counting my money!” Sarah whined. “I want to know if I can afford to buy another house.”

“You can’t.” Martin cut her off. His iron was edging perilously close to her house-laden properties. One wrong move and he would be bankrupted.

“You just don’t want me to.” Sarah stuck out her tongue at her brother. “But I’m going to anyway!”

“Just hurry up!” Laura snapped. “We’re running out of time.” Her watch ticked its agreement.

Two rolls later and Sarah was doing a victory dance as Martin sulked in the corner. It wasn’t fair. He was much cleverer than her, the dice just hated him.

“Can we play Scrabble tomorrow?” He asked. Scrabble was a good game. He always won at it.

“Maybe.” Laura frowned. As the eldest, it was her job to control her warring younger siblings, and board games always led to arguments. “Or maybe we can just watch a film.”

“Oooh yes!” Sarah piped up. “The Little Mermaid!”

“We watched that last week, though.” Martin groaned. “I want to watch Harry Potter!”

Laura sighed. Sometimes she just couldn’t win.