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27 Feb

Venice (Carnevale)

24 Feb

Finchdale Priory 2 (Vertical Shots)

21 Feb

Finchdale Priory 1 (Horizontal Shots)

20 Feb

All photographs are my own work.

Angel of the North

19 Feb

A Photographic Interlude

25 Jan

My bed - not quite a double, but close enough!

The desk and, more importantly, my food supplies for the term!

At night, with the curtains drawn.

And then opened in the morning to reveal...

...the view!

Fireworks Photos

11 Nov

Quick post today, which I suppose is better than the non-existent one yesterday. Term has been very hectic recently, and I’m starting to regret taking so much on. But today I read a post on BlogHer entitled ‘What Bloggers Can Learn from Marathon Runners’ which suggested posting pictures when you need some time away from words. So these are just a few photos which I took at the Grey College Fireworks Display last week. And before I get any haters, let me add a disclaimer: I am NOT a professional photographer, nor do I want to be. I enjoy taking photos, and some of these were quite artistic looking so I thought I would share them with you! (For those who are interested, these were taken on a Canon Powershot SX20).