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27 Feb

#DearValentine Week Four: She Smiled

26 Feb

Prompt: Surgical tools, a car, the countryside. This was also inspired, in no small part, by my addiction to Grey’s Anatomy.

She Smiled

Most people would be afraid if they found a complete set of surgical tools in the back of their boyfriend’s car. Actually, afraid is something of an understatement. Most people would either call the police, run for the hills, or do both simultaneously.

But, there being no hills in the vicinity (it was Norfolk, after all), she simply smiled, retrieved her lip gloss – the loss of which had caused her to find the tools in the first place – recovered the tools with the cloth, and went inside to make dinner.

The next day, when he suggested they go for a drive, she didn’t panic. Didn’t imagine her body lying in a shallow grave, the looks on her parents’ faces when her picture appeared on the evening news. She smiled, she accepted, and she sat in the front seat, determinedly not thinking about what she had uncovered the day before.

Eventually they stopped. It was a field, that was all she knew, and this part of Norfolk was mainly fields so that didn’t exactly help her with getting her bearings. She wasn’t worried though. She smiled, sat on the blanket which he spread out on the slightly damp grass, and made small talk about the shapes of the fluffy clouds floating above them.

Eventually he stopped talking and gave her an unfathomable look.

“I’m just going back to the car.” He said. “I won’t be long.”

She just smiled.

True to his word, he reappeared after a few minutes, hands behind his back. He looked at her, spread out on the blanket, still smiling, and his face fell.

“What?” She asked. Her tone wasn’t accusatory, it was simply amused.

“You know.” He said dejectedly. “Don’t you?”

She kept smiling, bit down on her bottom lip, and nodded almost imperceptibly. He groaned.

“It was supposed to be a surprise!”

He held out his hands. In one was the bundle of surgical tools, in the other a bunch of bananas.

“I knew how worried you were about our first day, and I wanted to make you feel better. One of the second years suggested this….and why are you still smiling?”

She laughed at the irritation in his voice, and pulled him down beside her. And she kept smiling afternoon, as they performed life-saving surgery on the bananas and quizzed each other on medical terminology. She had known better than to be afraid of surgical equipment. She was a trainee doctor after all.

Venice (Carnevale)

24 Feb


23 Feb

Because I’m feeling both nostalgic for my Year Abroad and desperate to go travelling (anything but work) here are some pictures of Venice, one of my favourite cities!

Finchdale Priory 2 (Vertical Shots)

21 Feb

Finchdale Priory 1 (Horizontal Shots)

20 Feb

All photographs are my own work.

Angel of the North

19 Feb

17 Feb

This is me right now. Too much to do, too little time in which to do it!

16 Feb

Image: youandmecharlie.com

 A message for myself as much as anything, as I’ve been feeling a tad uninspired of late!

A Note on Valentine’s Day

14 Feb
Romantic Heart form Love Seeds

Image: epSos.de

With Christmas and New Year behind us, it’s time for another Hallmark holiday: Valentine’s Day. Now Valentine’s Day seems to be a holiday which seems to provoke virulent reactions from many of us, perhaps more than any other day.

Couples love it, using it to shower each other with affection and sicken the rest of the world with their nauseating cuteness (unless one of the pair doesn’t believe in the holiday, in which case they will spend the day feeling smug for refusing to succumb to capitalism whilst their partner sulks). Singles generally hate it, and spend it either partying as hard as possible in an attempt to prove that they don’t need a partner to complete them, or sobbing into a carton of ice-cream so big that they could easily fall into it and be lost for ever. And then there’s those who resent it purely for being a Hallmark holiday, although many of these are probably singles looking for different excuse to hate the holiday or loved-up people who don’t want to fork out a fiver for a card with a teddy and some hearts on the front. Whatever your stance, you’re likely to fall into one of these three categories.

Except…what if you don’t? The fact that I’ve written this blog post may suggest otherwise, but I genuinely do not care about Valentine’s Day. Of course I notice it, but it seems to have taken over Facebook, Twitter and now Google in the last few hours, so I’d have to be fairly stupid not to. I am single (sometimes I even melodramatically exclaim that I am terminally so), but I feel not more depressed about this fact on Valentine’s Day than on any other day of the year. Nor do I begrudge the couples the chance to celebrate their together-ness. I’d rather they did it in the privacy of their own homes, but that’s more due to a fundamental dislike of PDAs than anything else (I slapped my first boyfriend for kissing me in McDonalds, enough said). Maybe this apathy is due to the fact that I went to an all-girls’ school, the kind where no-one even notices the opposite sex until the age of about fifteen, and therefore was never subjected to the humiliation of the Valentine’s card count. Or maybe I’m just strange.

So what will I be doing tonight? Not dating, not partying, and certainly not sobbing into a tub of ice-cream (I live in university halls, I have no freezer). No, my evening involves something far more depressing than Valentine’s Day. It’s called a dissertation. The joys of being in final year…