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Fiction Friday – The Healing Charm

26 Aug

The prompt for this week’s Fiction Friday was this image:

And this is the snippet that I wrote from it:

“You turned her into a fish?” Amy squealed, staring incredulously at her best friend. “A fish? It was meant to be a healing charm! How does a healing charm turn someone into a fish?”

“I don’t know.” William shrugged his shoulders, looking glum. “I said the charm right, I swear.”

“Show me.” Amy demanded. “Maybe if you do it right this time, it’ll reverse the first spell.”

William pointed his wand at the fish, muttering under his breath. With a pop, it vanished, and Miranda re-appeared. At least, he thought it was Miranda.

“You fool!” She wheezed, waving an accusing finger at him. “You were meant to be curing my cold, and I feel as bad as ever! Can’t you do anything right?”

“Uh, Miranda.” Amy cleared her throat. “You might want to look in the mirror. A cold is the least of your problems right now.”

“What do you mean?” Miranda glared threateningly at the pair of them, until Amy pulled a compact mirror from her pocket and handed it to her friend. Then her features froze in horror. “What have you done to me?”

“That’s my cue.” William gulped, dashing out of the room. It seemed the best course of action. After all, there wasn’t much chance of Miranda catching up with him. If there was one thing that OAPs were known for, it wasn’t their running skills.