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Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair

13 Feb

I spent so much money last week that my bank account was almost squealing in protest. At the very least I expected one of those phone calls from the manager checking that nothing untoward had occurred. (“No Mr Bank Manager, that was me who bought the fifteen pairs of shoes. Nothing to worry about at all!”) But when I heard that Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair was coming to Durham, I just had to see what all the fuss was about. A mistake perhaps, as I returned with my purse considerably lighter but carrying these purchases:

Firstly, from Your Vintage Life, these flowered Doc Martens. These very nearly caused a falling out with my friend, as we couldn’t work out from the label whether they were a 6 or an 8. But I was Cinderella on that occasion, and given that the shoes fit, it would have been churlish not to buy them.

Aren't they beautiful?

Already broken in for me too!

Then there was this cute necklace, from Two Penny Lane. This stall had so many pieces of beautiful handmade  jewellery that it was difficult to choose between them. One of my friends got a necklace with a miniature but working harmonica attached to the chain.

Even the packaging is adorable!

And nestling inside...


...is a tribute to my caffeine addiction!

And finally, because I can’t resist bargains or rings, I bought this for just £2! (Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the stall from which I bought it, so no link here.)

Bargain buy!




Breakfast at Tiffanys

23 Aug

Three years ago, when I was eagerly awaiting my 18th birthday, I caught my aunt (who, as the managing director of a jewellery firm, and thus usually gives generous gifts) hiding a Tiffany bag as I walked into the room. I was very excited by this (a glimpse of that Tiffany blue can have that effect on a girl), and was almost disappointed when the gift that later materialised was not in fact from Tiffany & Co. (And please note the word almost. The box, although not in the famous Tiffany blue, contained diamonds, and I challenge you to find a girl who could be disappointed with diamonds).

So this year, not expecting anything, I will admit to letting out a squeal of delight as a blue box appeared from under the wrappings. It contained this bracelet:

I love it, it’s beautiful, looks great with the rest of my jewellery (I wear a lot of silver and white gold), and is fun to fiddle with (always important to me). The little blue box sitting proudly on my desk is just an added bonus!