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Film Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

20 Jul

(This is a review, therefore references to events in the film will be made and if you haven’t seen it you are liable to be spoiled. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!)

Last week I saw the last Harry Potter film. Harry Potter being something which my friends and I grew up with, we naturally decided to go to the midnight showing on July 14th (we would have also gone to the world premiere in Trafalgar Square, were it not for WB’s ridiculous wristband policy and the fact that we weren’t quite dedicated enough to camp in the rain without a tent). The experience itself was fantastic: some people screamed, lots of people dressed up, and everyone applauded at the end. But once the hype had faded, what did we think of the film itself?

Reactions from my friends varied from “my childhood is now complete” to “I really don’t care about half a book”, but the most apt description I heard was that “it was a good film, if you ignore the book.”

This, in my opinion, is good advice when watching any of the films. No matter how close they stay to the films, there will always be changes made, scenes cut (and invariably the ones which you most wanted to see come alive on the screen), moments added for the sake of extra drama. If you go into the cinema determined not to enjoy the film unless it is a carbon copy of the book then, quite frankly, you’re wasting your money. And missing out on what could be a very enjoyable two hours.

The highlight of the film is, of course, the adult characters. Someone (and I’m afraid I really can’t be any more specific than that) once described the films as a club for veteran British actors, and it’s certainly these actors that make the films for me. In this film it was Alan Rickman who stole the show as Snape, although Maggie Smith as McGonagall came in a very close second. And of course Helena Bonham Carter (who I could write an essay about usually, so be grateful that she doesn’t appear more in this particular film) as Hermione-pretending-to-be-Bellatrix, along with Julie Walters, David Thewlis, and a whole host of others.

The younger cast members usually irritate me, but in this installment I found them less annoying than usual (although the scene in which Harry and Ginny are re-united did grate a little). Rupert Grint and Emma Watson managed to make their kiss look much less awkward than any of Daniel Radcliffe’s on-screen attempts, and Evanna Lynch sparkled as usual, managing to make Luna Lovegood even more dippy and endearing than in the books.

Although the plot has been adapted for the purposes of what can only be described as cinematic showing off (as anyone who has seen the part of the trailer in which Harry and Voldemort appear to fall off a building will know), on the whole it remains true to the books. Unfortunately, this includes the epilogue, the only redeeming feature of which is the comedy beards which all the men are now sporting. But in general it was a wonderful film, and a great conclusion that this particular chapter of my childhood.


Five Things To Do This Summer

11 Jul

Having read the Huffington Post’s article on the five best things to do alone this summer, I’ve been inspired to make my own summer to do list. Some of this is work-related, and is currently glaring down at me from my notice board, but some of it is fun, and I’ve put my five top things on here for everyone to read.

Spend time with friends.

This is a big one. It’s always high on my to do list when I come back from uni for the summer, but this year it’s especially high as I’ve been abroad for most of the year, thereby spending even less time with my friends than I’d like. Plus it’s my 21st birthday in less than a weeks and what better way to celebrate than by throwing a HUGE party? Or even better, a small party, but with sushi? (Note to self: Stop valuing sushi above friends!)

Get more exercise. 

Before I went to university I never exercised. At all. There was a good reason for this. Going to an all-girls’ school, exercise for me was invariably associated with “female-appropriate” sports like hockey and netball and desperately trying to change into your kit without flashing the other hundred girls in the changing room. But at university I discovered that not all exercise was like that, and as I’m meant to be president of my university aikido club next year, it might help if I can actually participate in our (quite frankly gruelling) warm-ups without passing out. Time to get out my brother’s Wii Fit I think!


Baking isn’t something I do often (mostly because whenever I want to do it I turn out not to have half of the ingredients I need) but it is something I enjoy doing. Last week my friend and I set up shop in my kitchen as The Incompetent Bakers and after a string of disasters involving too dry dough, too sticky dough and dough that was completely caked in flour because we put too much on the table, we produced a stack of alphabet gingerbread, which we used to make Harry Potter-related sentences on the table (it was the day before the premiere and we couldn’t afford to go. Displacement activity). Next week we’re making fairy cakes. I predict that we’ll end up covered in flour and icing sugar. I’m hoping to be proved wrong.

Make photo albums

I’ve been clearing out my wardrobe recently, and I found a lot of photos from family holidays 6-10 years ago. The years before I had a digital camera. Since then I’ve taken thousands of photos, but most of them have never left my computer’s hard drive. So this summer I’m going to print a load out and spend a few days sticking them into albums. Now I just have to choose which of the thousands I want to print off – and that’ll probably take longer than organising them into the albums!

Go to the beach

Apparently in the UK you are never further than 72 miles than the sea, but from my home town in the middle of the Berkshire countryside it feels pretty far away. But this summer my friends and I are going to fulfill a promise we’ve been making to each other since we’ve been able to drive – we are going to get a car and drive to the coast. The only problem is getting a day when it isn’t raining – gotta love British weather!