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Ghouls Galore Challenge Week 4: Home At Last

9 Nov

This is a couple of weeks later than scheduled, but I wanted to finish the mini-saga which these prompts had inspired, so here it is, hopefully better late than never!

The prompts were:

Borborygmus (Rumbling in the guts)

A creature of your choosing

Home At Last

“Do you know,” Michael mused, collapsing exhausted onto the living room sofa, their mission finally completed, “I’m starting to think that Crazy Meg might be in league with these creatures.”

Sarah raised her head wearily to give him her patented Big Sister Glare. “Stop looking for trouble!” She scolded. “She may have led us on a bit of a wild goose chase, but I think she’s just mad, not evil.”

“Not at all.” Ben agreed, quite charitably given the circumstances. “She hasn’t actually caused any of these situations, she just seems to enjoy prolonging our misery once we’ve landed ourselves in them.”

Just then, a loud borborygmus noise erupted from behind them. The siblings looked at each other in confusion, each making gestures to indicate that they had not been responsible for it. Eyes meeting, they each felt a sinking feeling in their stomachs as realisation set in.

“So what kind of creature do you think that was?” Ben asked, sounding more than a little terrified (and with good reason).

“I have no idea.” Sarah sighed. “But I’m sure that whatever it is, Crazy Meg will have a book on it!”


31 Oct

This post does exactly what it says on the tin, apologises for my absence of late. So if you’ve stopped by looking for either my creative writing or my TV recaps, I’m sorry they haven’t been updated recently – I’ve been snowed under with university work, and then on top of that I contracted tonsillitis so have spent the past few days lying in bed and moaning.

This is about to change. I am now on some lovely antibiotics (who says that drugs can’t solve your problems?) and will be getting back to my regular posting schedule ASAP, starting with last week’s Fiction Friday and Ghouls Galore pieces . For now, have a link to an article which I wrote for my university’s on-line magazine, The Bubble:



Ghouls Galore Challenge Week 3: Absquatulated

23 Oct

The prompts this week were:

A Gormagon



“So you’re saying that this creature absquatulated with your brother?” The old woman peered at Sarah and Michael over the rims of her small round glasses. The pair shifted uncomfortably.

“Is that what we’re saying?” Michael whispered to his sister, receiving a confused shrug in reply. Chewing his lip, he addressed the woman. “I’m sorry Mrs. Jenkins, I don’t actually know what that word means. But if you mean did it run away with Ben, then yes.”

“Hmm.” Hunching over her desk, she began to rifle through a huge leather tome. “And what did you say it looked like?”

The two siblings began to speak almost in unison.

“It had a lot of legs…”

“…and at least six eyes…”

“…and three mouths…”

“…and three bums…”


“What? I’m describing! And it also had three, you know…”

Michael motioned between his legs, silenced by his sister’s glare. The old woman nodded knowingly.

“I believe I know the beast of which you speak, and a most fearsome beast it is too. They call it the Gormagon.”

There was silence in the room for a moment, before Sarah tentatively asked.”Where can we find it? How do we get Ben back?”

The old woman flashed them a quick smile, them turned to heave a book down from the overflowing shelf on the wall behind her desk.

“The answers are here my dears.”

Safely outside, Michael let out a sigh of despair. “Another book? Why can’t Crazy Meg ever just give us the answers herself?”

Ghouls Galore Challenge Week 2: Transported

15 Oct

The prompts for Week Two of the Ghouls Galore Challenge were:




“Now where are we?” Michael sighed, glancing nervously around the small dark space.

“It looks like a cave.” Ben suggested, heaving himself up from the floor and rubbing his buttocks, which had taken the brunt of the impact.

Sarah was silent, her gaze fixated on a small flickering red light in the distance. She swallowed; the sound echoing ominously around them. “I have a hunch. But I don’t think you’re going to like it.”

“I have a hunch too.” Michael groaned. “A hunch that we shouldn’t do anything that Crazy Meg’s books tell us to from now on! So where exactly do you think we’ve ended up?”

Sarah took a deep breath, then spoke so quickly and quietly that her words were almost incomprehensible. “The Underworld.”

“The Underworld?” Ben repeated, nodding to himself as he tried to process the information. “And those, I suppose, are the fires of Hell?”

Sarah’s eyes followed his gaze back to the flickering red light and she nodded jerkily, looking faintly sick. Beside her, Ben buried his face in his hands, trying to block out his surroundings.

“And who do you think that is?” Michael asked worriedly, motioning to the shadow which had just fallen on the wall opposite them.

“Well.” Sarah licked her dry lips, almost forcing the words out. “I would say that it’s probably Lucifer. Otherwise known as Satan…or the devil.”

Ghouls Galore Challenge Week 1: Crazy Meg

8 Oct

This was written for the first week of the Ghouls Galore Challenge. The prompts were:

A Poltergeist


Crazy Meg

The book was ancient, the pages yellowed and curling at the edges, the leather bindings cracked beyond repair. But Crazy Meg had said that it held the answer to their problems, and despite being, as the name suggested, crazy, she did seem to be the authority on such things.

There was only one problem: reading it. Not only was it written in some form of Old English, but every other line seemed to have been written backwards, which made interpreting it a monumentally difficult task. As the eldest, Sarah had ‘volunteered’ for the challenge, and after hours of scrutinising the lines of cramped handwriting, she had finally cracked it.

“I’ve got it!” She exclaimed, a sigh of pure satisfaction escaping her lips as she collapsed back in her chair. “It’s a poltergeist!”

Michael and Ben exchanged a worried glance, unsure as to why their sister looked so relieved.

“Sarah?” Ben asked in a timid voice. “Aren’t poltergeists supposed to be evil vengeful spirits?”

“That’s a common misconception.” Sarah responded, in the voice which she reserved for correcting her younger brothers. “Many poltergeists are simply mischievous. Only a few turn out to be murderous.”

“Oh, only a few?” Michael said faintly. “That makes me feel so much better. Is there any way to get rid of it?”

“Exorcism.” Sarah replied immediately. “But it doesn’t say here how to do one, and you know what that means…”

The three siblings sighed in unison.

“We have to go back to Crazy Meg’s.”

Ghouls Galore (or Yet Another Writing Challenge)

2 Oct

As, I’m returning to university in two days, the next month promises to be hectic for me. Of course, being slightly insane, and still labouring under the delusion that I thrive under pressure, I’ve decided to take on another challenge. For any fellow writers reading this, I’ve attached a link to it here:

Ghouls Galore

Lady Antimony, the creator, runs lots of challenges over at her lovely blog, but this is the first one that I’ve been able to take part in, so I’m excited to see how it turns out. Basically, every Saturday for the next four weeks, I have to post a 250 word story based on a word and a ‘being’ (the words and beings are listed on Antimony’s blog). The words are somewhat bizarre, which pleases me as a linguist, and I’ve already got some ideas for how I could interpret the prompts. For someone who loves prompt-based writing as much as me, this is the perfect challenge!

Check back on Saturday for my first challenge response! The prompts are:

A Poltergeist