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Fiction Friday: The Anti Bucket List

7 Oct

This week’s Fiction Friday was to write an anti bucket list, a list of twenty things which I will never do. It said that the challenge could be interpreted either humorously or seriously, and in the end I went for a mixture of the two. This challenge also reminded me that I haven’t written a normal bucket list, so I will be writing and posting that between the next couple of weeks! And so, without further ado:

I will never…

  1. …touch a tarantula. Even if I wasn’t arachnophobic, those things actually are poisonous. Why not just stay out of their way??
  2. …study anything scientific at a high level (or indeed, ever again). I consider myself to be a naturally curious person, but when someone starts talking about physics my brain switches off. Ditto maths. And chemistry.
  3. …enjoy going to bed early. It’s not that I can’t do it, it’s just that everything exciting happens at night. Even if “everything exciting” is just people posting things on Twitter.
  4. …shave my head. Apparently it looks good on some people, but I’m not taking the risk.
  5. …get a tattoo. Needles, pain, the fact that it will still be there when you’re old and wrinkly, need I say more?
  6. …be able to sing. This one’s pretty self-explanatory. No-one wants to hear me sing. Ever.
  7. …let this stop me from singing along to my favourite songs. Just because no-one wants to hear me sing, doesn’t mean that they get a choice in the matter.
  8. …like the taste of onions. I can’t explain it, I really can’t. They just do not taste good. And they’ve in EVERYTHING!
  9. …be good at imitating accents. It would make my languages degree a lot easier if I was, but sadly it’s not to be. At a pinch, I can do a Southern drawl, but that’s about it on the accent front.
  10. …pack before the last minute. It’s not that I don’t intend to pack earlier (OK, sometimes it is). It’s just that there always seem to be more interesting things to do.
  11. …have a tidy bedroom. I’m generally a fairly organised person, but you wouldn’t think it from looking at my room. It’s fine though, because I know exactly where everything is. It is on the floor.
  12. …stop listening to songs on repeat. It helps me to learn the words though!
  13. …own enough clothes. At least not in my opinion. And with so many shops on the high street, it would be churlish to refuse!
  14. …eat healthily. I’m not dreadful, but I do have a weakness for crisps. And chocolate. And anything containing an above-average amount of E-numbers.
  15. …play football (or any other ball game) for fun. Sports, yes, but not conventional ones. Give me a good martial art any day!
  16. …take hard drugs. It’s just not worth the risk!
  17. …drink and drive. Not only do you endanger your life, you endanger others. I repeat, it’s not worth the risk!
  18. …hate the way I look. This doesn’t mean that I’ll always like the way I look either, just that I have a healthy body image. I have plenty of other things to beat myself up about, and my appearance isn’t one of them.
  19. …grow up. My father is over fifty and he hasn’t grown up yet, so I see no reason why I should.
  20. …give up on my dreams. If I do, then they clearly weren’t really dreams.

Five Things To Do This Summer

11 Jul

Having read the Huffington Post’s article on the five best things to do alone this summer, I’ve been inspired to make my own summer to do list. Some of this is work-related, and is currently glaring down at me from my notice board, but some of it is fun, and I’ve put my five top things on here for everyone to read.

Spend time with friends.

This is a big one. It’s always high on my to do list when I come back from uni for the summer, but this year it’s especially high as I’ve been abroad for most of the year, thereby spending even less time with my friends than I’d like. Plus it’s my 21st birthday in less than a weeks and what better way to celebrate than by throwing a HUGE party? Or even better, a small party, but with sushi? (Note to self: Stop valuing sushi above friends!)

Get more exercise. 

Before I went to university I never exercised. At all. There was a good reason for this. Going to an all-girls’ school, exercise for me was invariably associated with “female-appropriate” sports like hockey and netball and desperately trying to change into your kit without flashing the other hundred girls in the changing room. But at university I discovered that not all exercise was like that, and as I’m meant to be president of my university aikido club next year, it might help if I can actually participate in our (quite frankly gruelling) warm-ups without passing out. Time to get out my brother’s Wii Fit I think!


Baking isn’t something I do often (mostly because whenever I want to do it I turn out not to have half of the ingredients I need) but it is something I enjoy doing. Last week my friend and I set up shop in my kitchen as The Incompetent Bakers and after a string of disasters involving too dry dough, too sticky dough and dough that was completely caked in flour because we put too much on the table, we produced a stack of alphabet gingerbread, which we used to make Harry Potter-related sentences on the table (it was the day before the premiere and we couldn’t afford to go. Displacement activity). Next week we’re making fairy cakes. I predict that we’ll end up covered in flour and icing sugar. I’m hoping to be proved wrong.

Make photo albums

I’ve been clearing out my wardrobe recently, and I found a lot of photos from family holidays 6-10 years ago. The years before I had a digital camera. Since then I’ve taken thousands of photos, but most of them have never left my computer’s hard drive. So this summer I’m going to print a load out and spend a few days sticking them into albums. Now I just have to choose which of the thousands I want to print off – and that’ll probably take longer than organising them into the albums!

Go to the beach

Apparently in the UK you are never further than 72 miles than the sea, but from my home town in the middle of the Berkshire countryside it feels pretty far away. But this summer my friends and I are going to fulfill a promise we’ve been making to each other since we’ve been able to drive – we are going to get a car and drive to the coast. The only problem is getting a day when it isn’t raining – gotta love British weather!