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31 Jan

Amazement, pride, and just a hint of smugness are all emotions which I’m experiencing at the moment because I did it! I pledged to blog every day for a month and I succeeded! In fact I’ve posted consistently every day since December 26. And not only that, but I’ve discovered that I have enough material to blog daily whenever I have the time. So with that in mind, I’m rewarding the completion of this challenge with another challenge: I am going to complete February’s NaBloPoMo. Never mind the fact that February is the shortest month of the year, if I do this, I’ll have blogged continuously for over two months! (Excuse my overuse of exclamation marks, but given that I was struggling to stick to blogging weekly not so very long ago, I’m more than a little excited.)

I’ve included the badge for next month’s NaBloPoMo, which you can click on for a link to the BlogHer website if you’d like to sign up. Really, it’d be rude not to!

NaBloPoMo February 2012

New Year’s Resolutions

1 Jan

Hello, hello, and a Happy New Year to you all! I hope that everyone rang in the New Year splendidly last night, I personally spent the evening at an anime party in Banbury. Now, just to set the record straight, I don’t like anime. But I like spending New Year’s Eve alone even less, so anime it was, although thankfully not too much of it! But the point of this post isn’t really to ramble about my evening, so I’ll attempt to get to the point.

You see, like most of the Western world, I’ve spent today doing two things: nursing a hangover, and making New Year’s resolutions. I’m only going to talk about one of those two things though, and based on the title of this entry, you’ve probably guessed that it’s the latter (a description of my hangover would probably not last very long, to be fair). As I’ve had problems in the past with setting too many goals, thus making them unachievable, I’ve tried to be more realistic this year. And so, without further ado, this year I will:

  1. Complete January’s NaBloPoMo. This will hopefully make up for my failure to complete it last November. I also want to blog more consistently, and keep to at least two posts per week all year.
  2. Graduate with a 2:1. Basically, this means that I have to work hard. I managed to get a 2:1 in my second year, so it should be within my grasp this year, but I do have to knuckle down a little, especially with regard to my dissertation.
  3. Find something to do after graduation. A job, a postgraduate course, a trip around the world – anything to keep me from spending the next ten years in my parents’ living room watching old episodes of Friends and reciting the lines along with the characters (I already spend far more time than I ought to doing that!).
  4. Get up and go to bed at vaguely decent times. I’m a night owl, and for a while I was perfectly happy with this state of affairs. But then my bedtime started to creep later and later, and when I was going to bed at 7AM and waking up at 4PM I realised that something was very wrong. Next year, I will do my best to be in bed by 2AM every night (still late I know, but I am a student!) and up by 10AM.
  5. Stop biting my nails. This having been my resolution since I was around twelve years old, it’s the one which I’m least likely to stick to. But I’m hoping that the nail art pens which I discovered in Topshop today will help to make this year different!

Challenging Myself

29 Sep

I’m aware that this blog has been neglected for quite some time, but here’s what’s been happening in my life. I went on an epic bus tour of America (alright it was only six states, but it felt pretty epic at the time), I spend three weeks at a language school in Germany, I wrote a 25,000 word novella, and more than anything else, I procrastinated. But now I am well and truly back in the blogging game. This is why:


This is the website of my university newspaper, Palatinate, and if you scroll right to the bottom of the page, you’ll see my name, because I’ve just been made Blogs Editor. Technically, this doesn’t mean that I have to write any blogs, just recruit people to write them for me, but it has got me thinking about my own blog and how I would be a lot better at writing if there was a scary editor-type person breathing down my neck. So, there being a lack of volunteers for the role, I decided to take it on myself, and have set myself a challenge.

The Challenge:

From now until the end of the year, I will post a minimum of two entries per week. These will probably be a Fiction Friday entry and a TV review – I need an excuse to keep watching the hundreds of shows that I’m addicted to once I return to uni!

Let’s see how I do!