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Recap/Review: The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 3 (The End of the Affair)

3 Oct

The Vampire Diaries returned to our screens three weeks ago, and it’s fair to say that up until now I haven’t been that impressed with the third season. As the second season ended with the sacrifice that the show had been building up to for weeks, the aftermath felt more than a little flat. But that all changed last week!

Katherine’s return

The main reason for my renewed interest was probably the return of everyone’s favourite bad girl, Katherine Pierce. OK, we barely saw her, but just the fact that she was there made the episode so much better (and reminded me how boring Elena is in comparison to her badass alter ego). Here’s hoping for a longer appearance from her next week!

Stefan’s dark side

They’ve been telling us for a long time that Stefan used to be evil, but this was the first time that we really saw him as the Ripper. And it was chilling, but also kind of sexy! Poor Stefan, he spends years being good, and all the adoring fanbase want is for him to feed his victims’ blood to their husbands and scrawl their names on his wall. (Am I wrong to assume that my views speak for the entire adoring fanbase? Maybe. But I know that at least some of you will agree with me, so I’m happy to make a broad generalisation.)

On a related note, who didn’t love Klaus and Stefan’s friendship this episode? And who wasn’t at least a little heartbroken when Klaus erased Stefan’s memory of it? Which leads us directly to…


I’ve been waiting forever for them to introduce some new Originals, so I was very excited about this new development. And I love Rebekah as a character, feisty, petulant, opinionated, you can tell she and Klaus are related… Although this does mean that there’s yet another woman competing for Stefan’s affections, which strikes me as more than a little excessive!

And on another related note, who were Klaus and Rebekah running from? And what does Katherine have to do with it (because you can be sure that if there’s a tricky situation on this show, then she’ll be tied up in it somehow)?

Damon (and Elena, but mostly just Damon)

He was awesome, enough said. That scene at the beginning, when he was in bed beside Elena? I think someone’s been picking up some manipulation techniques from an ex-girlfriend. Plus he gets all the best lines. Although leaving Elena in Stefan’s old apartment was definitely not one of his finest moments.

Yet another African-American witch

Seriously show, this is something that you need to work on. I know you have quotas to fulfil, but they don’t have to be fulfilled in the casting of witches. Must try harder!

That said, Gloria was incredible, and got all the good lines that didn’t go to Damon. (“Not in my bar, you take it outside!” Best way to break up a fight ever!) If we see more of her (and I have a feeling we will), I definitely won’t be sorry.

And finally…

Caroline (and her umpteenth torture scene)

This is another action point for the show. I may be biased, as Caroline is one of my favourite characters, but couldn’t she be integrated back into the main plots? Her last few storylines have all involved either torture, betrayal by someone close to her, or her blossoming relationship with Mystic Falls’ resident wolf. This last storyline managed to incorporate all three.

Now that her mother has accepted her, fangs and all, it was clearly time for her father to appear as a badass vampire hunter. The torture scenes were incredibly difficult to watch (although I was surprised that she could survive for that long after being exposed to sunlight, especially with vervain in her system). And that scene at the end? It’s competing with the scene at the end of Daddy Issues for ‘Closest I’ve Come to Crying at a TVD Episode’ – I don’t cry easily at TV shows, but Candice Accola just gets me!

So there we have it (and yes, I have ignored the Stefan/Elena break-up, but I’m sorry, they just don’t interest me that much, and this review is already over 700 words). I haven’t watched the promo clip for next week, but I’m very excited to see what happens!