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My Latest Crazy Idea

3 Nov

Someday, I will stop looking at challenges on the internet and thinking “hmm, that sounds like fun, why don’t I do that?” Someday, I will realise that my degree/work/life outside of the internet are more important. Someday, in short, I will stop being an over-achieving lunatic. That day is not today. So when I saw this post via a WordPress search for NaNoWriMo, I couldn’t resist.

The blog it come from is called Let The Words Flow, and the challenge is simple. Tomorrow, a few particularly crazy NaNoWriMo writers will be attempting to reach a word count which they have set for themselves (mine is 4,000 words) and live blogging while they do it. This might be a great way to churn out the words (nothing like a bit of healthy competition after all), but it is also yet another method of procrastination which will make getting those words onto paper an even slower process than usual. Possibly this is not how it will work for everyone else, but personally I will almost certainly write 200 words, then do something inane just so that I can blog about it. One thing’s for certain though, it will be fun (or at least warped NaNo-style fun)!

(I will be setting up a post for my live blog on here at about midnight GMT and editing it gradually throughout the day. I dread to think how it may turn out…)