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A Quick Update

12 Mar

After posting nearly every day for almost two months, I’m aware that this blog has looked a little empty of late. My explanation for this is simple: I had a dissertation to write. But as of 10pm yesterday evening that is complete, all 8,000 words of it, and now a more regular posting schedule can begin.

Despite the stress, I have been watching some fantastic television recently (Upstairs Downstairs, anyone?) and I even escaped to the theatre yesterday evening to catch DULOG (that’s Durham University Light Opera Group for those not in the know) performing RENT. So over the next few weeks you can expect a review of that, as well as a few more reviews, and maybe even some creative writing. Don’t you all feel lucky?


27 Feb

Satin Review

25 Feb

Guess what? It’s another theatre review! Durham Drama Festival, a week of student-written productions, is currently taking place, and last night I had the pleasure of seeing Satin. The dark tale of a group of Victorian prostitutes, this performance took place in Old Shire Hall, and was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. As always, I will link you to my review on the Durham Theatre Review site, rather than posting a full review here, but I do hope that you go and take a look, and read reviews of some of the other DDF performances while you’re at it. And so, without further ado:

I’m proud of myself for this one, as I managed to write what I consider to be a well-balanced review, and to give three stars without being guilty. The do say practice makes perfect!

(For those of you looking for my final #DearValentine entry, I will post it tomorrow. Too much journalism/blogging, not enough academic work!)

Venice (Carnevale)

24 Feb


23 Feb

Because I’m feeling both nostalgic for my Year Abroad and desperate to go travelling (anything but work) here are some pictures of Venice, one of my favourite cities!

Stress and More Stress

22 Feb

You may have noticed an overload of pictures and an absence of actual words on here of late. This is because I am stressed. Very stressed. Ripping my hair out stressed. The situation is dire.

You see, my family came to visit last weekend, which meant that I spent a lot of time visiting crumbly old things and doing impressions of various Grey’s Anatomy characters (I have succeeded in getting my fifteen year-old brother addicted to Grey’s, my life is complete) and not a lot working. Then, when they finally left, I just had to go to the pub. Seriously, I did have to. A friend was visiting who I hadn’t seen in six months and who is about to move to Moscow for another six (or perhaps four, but either way it’s a long time). And then it was the beginning of Pride Week and I couldn’t not show off how out and proud I am, and then I rediscovered my love for Tetris, and then, and then…

In short, I have been procrastinating, and now I am stressed. It’s entirely my own fault but I’d still like to whine about it. Whine, and listen to the Spamalot soundtrack on repeat. And then tomorrow, get up and do as much dissertation work as possible, so that I don’t look like a massive fool in front of my supervisor on Friday. Wish me luck…



Finchdale Priory 2 (Vertical Shots)

21 Feb

Finchdale Priory 1 (Horizontal Shots)

20 Feb

All photographs are my own work.

Angel of the North

19 Feb

17 Feb

This is me right now. Too much to do, too little time in which to do it!