New Klute (or How to Accept Change)

27 Jan

Image: Facebook

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the refurbishment of Klute, my favourite Durham nightclub, and my fears that the changes would not be for the better. Well, I went last night, more than a little apprehensive but drunk enough to put my fears aside, and I’m happy to say that I was wrong. The floor is a little less sticky, quaddies are fifty pence more expensive (incentive not to destroy our livers quite so much?), the old rugby video has been replaced with scenes from the film ‘Klute’ (the existence of which I was unaware of until last night), and the loss of the graduation boards in the entrance will be mourned by many (myself included), but the refurbishment has somehow failed to have any effect on the skankiness of the toilets (something which most people would have been happy to see a change in) and, most importantly, the atmosphere remains the same. And, at least on a Thursday night, the cheese lives on! They’ve introduced a bizarre system of only playing the first two minutes of a song before changing, but as someone with an extremely short attention span, this didn’t actually bother me. I was far too excited about the new cheesy additions (Teenage Dirtbag, for instance, a song which takes me right back to primary school discos) to worry that some of them were being cut short. They also played That’s Amore at the end of the night (although  it was not quite the same having it followed by another song rather than the dulcet tones of the DJ proclaiming that “That really is all we’ve got time for!”), allowing my friend and I to waltz clumsily into the other dancers in traditional fashion.

In short, the night was a success, proving that good friends, good music, and free-flowing alcohol make for an enjoyable evening regardless of minor aesthetic changes. And, perhaps, that students have a tendency to overreact! Get yourselves back down there everybody, it’s just not right having room to move on the dance floor!

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