TV Recap/Review: Private Practice Season 5 Episode 11 (The Standing Eight Count)

24 Jan

Image: Hulu

The boys’ night out

Sam is dealing with his break-up really well, apparently he’s been dreaming about running Addison over in his car. I would suggest therapy at this point, but the other guys suggest a boys’ night out instead. Whatever floats your boat, I suppose… There then follows what starts off as an almost exact replica of the scene which we had when Sam had just divorced Naomi and wanted a new girlfriend, but with an important difference. This time Pete and Sam actually manage to get the girl (Pete in rather spectacular style), while Cooper is the one left alone. Despite the fact that he has Charlotte (and if I had that to come home to then I certainly wouldn’t be complaining) he gets all depressed about this, having to be comforted by his wife – and can I just say that Charlotte talking about hussies is one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen? Soon he’ll have something bigger to be depressed about, and that’s…

Erica’s mystery illness

Amelia is testing Mason on his spellings for an upcoming spelling bee (in one of the most amusing scenes of the episode, I love the fact that old Amelia is back!) when Erica comes to collect him. Amelia quickly notices that Erica has a tremor in her hand, and when she drops a glass the neurosurgeon senses are triggered. She wants to check Erica out, but she refuses, so Amelia convinces Charlotte to abuse her Chief of Staff privileges and access Erica’s medical records. What they discover makes Amelia happy but no-one else – it’s a rare and extremely aggressive tumour! This prompts Charlotte to go for a chat with Erica, because it worked out so well last time she tried to interfere… Surprisingly though, this time their talk has the desired effect and, after initially telling Charlotte that if Cooper finds out then she’ll take Mason away forever, she appears at the end of the episode to break the bad news. With a surgeon like Amelia around though, I’m not so sure that the prognosis is as bad as it looks. There’s nothing this show likes better than curing incurable illnesses, after all!

The girls’ dating woes

Addison is also dealing with her break-up, albeit in a slightly different way: rather than committing homicide in her sleep, she prefers not sleeping at all, and spending the hours of darkness watching documentaries about shin kicking (maybe I should try that next time insomnia strikes?). Violet is sympathetic, and suggests that she try sleeping sideways (which I immediately want to try and become depressed when I discover that my bed isn’t wide enough). Violet is having her own relationship drama too, when a hot paramedic called Scott asks her out. Her response (“That’s very sweet.”) proves why men aren’t queuing up to date her, but she comes to her senses when she realises that Pete is moving on, and accepts Scott’s offer. She later discovers that she’s cradle-snatching, as Scott turns out to be a lot younger than her, but given how well the date goes, she doesn’t seem to mind.

Sheldon does also appear this episode, treating a cop who killed someone in the line of duty, but, as often happens in Private Practice, the patient storyline is shafted somewhat in favour of the doctors’ personal dramas. However, my favourite part of this episode has to be Jake making a beautiful speech to Addison about how he isn’t going to leave her or let her down, and Addison almost falling asleep. I’ve getting tired of the therapy sessions though. Are they really necessary?


One Response to “TV Recap/Review: Private Practice Season 5 Episode 11 (The Standing Eight Count)”

  1. darci February 7, 2012 at 10:52 pm #

    People always say TV is for escaping from ‘real world’ problems, but every time I watch Private Practice I end up getting engulfed by more sad stories and examples of the cruel world than my real life ever does…yet still I always watch. I guess it’s because the show is just so well-done that it really makes you care about the characters…I was sad to see Pete and Violet’s relationship end, but it would have been unrealistic for them to magically patch things up.

    Anyway, another great episode, I also loved that they used “The Thread” by Admiral Radley at the spelling bee, what a catchy song

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