TV Recap/Review: Private Practice Season 5 Episode 10 (Are You My Mother?)

8 Jan



“You know what I do to alleviate frustration?”


“What are you, twelve?”


This little gem of an exchange, between Charlotte and Cooper (because who else could coin the term “frusturbation”?), was undoubtedly the highlight of the latest episode of Private Practice, for me at least. It certainly provided some light relief, as the rest of the episode was chock-full of angst. There were…


Baby Issues

After weeks of being shockingly optimistic about the whole baby situation, Addison finally cracks this week. Although we’re never officially told, her pregnancy test in the last episode before the hiatus was obviously negative, as this week she’s moving back into her house (where Amelia has moved to I do not know) in an attempt to woo Social Services into letting her adopt. Despite the presence of men’s shoes under the bed, she impresses them enough to be meeting with a birth mother later in the episode, when she promptly develops verbal diarrhoea and spills all about her earlier abortion. “Way to win over a birth mother,” sigh hundreds of viewers, but it actually seems to have a positive effect, and soon after she’s delivering the baby as Melanie goes into early labour. It’s love the minute she claps eyes on the newborn, but sadly it’s not meant to be as Melanie decides to give the baby to a family from her church, where she’ll have not just a mom, but also a dad and a brother. All of this, plus her break-up from Sam (“Finally!” I cheer, doing a miniature victory dance at the end of my least favourite couple in television history), leaves her understandably bitter, and when her therapist tells her that she needs to deal with the disappointment, she responds petulantly “Don’t want to!”

Also having baby issues are a polyamorous triad (otherwise known as a threesome) who are visiting Jake in an attempt to get pregnant. The plan is that one mom will provide the egg, one will carry the baby, and the dad will provide the sperm, and there’s only one problem: one of the women is infertile and incapable of carrying a baby. As with all the patients who appear on Private Practice though, they’re really there for only one reason, to help one of the doctors come to a realisation about their own life. In this case it’s Violet, who realises that rules are important, and decides to ban Pete from the house when it’s her night with Lucas (although, to be fair, he did start it).

Bigger Child Issues

For the first time ever, Cooper is faced with having to play Bad Cope, after he catches Mason stealing from the toy store. This stresses him out for the best part of the episode (perhaps he should practice the frusturbation which he preaches) until he gets some sage advice from Sam (who’d have thought it?), and realises that parenting isn’t just about fun and games. This leads to a very sweet moment, when he tells Mason that he isn’t allowed out of his room for the rest of the week and, after his initial anger, Mason is just upset that he won’t be seeing his daddy at the weekend. All together now: awwwwwwwwwww!

Relationship Issues

As well as Addison and Sam (who have the least memorable break up ever, having finally realised that their relationship is in fact over) and Violet and Pete, we also have Amelia and Sheldon attempting to overcome the events of the intervention. Or rather, we have Amelia attempting to build bridges, and Sheldon staying as far away from her as possible, which, as you can imagine, does wonders for her fragile confidence. Luckily though, we have Charlotte floating around (and while I never thought that I would use that word to describe her, she really does seem like a benevolent force in this episode) doing her best to repair the relationship for them, or at least keeping any more damage from being done. She takes Sheldon to the shooting range to release his tension (which is where the frusturbation comment comes in), and seems to appear whenever Amelia’s feeling down, even managing to get her back into surgery. I have to say, I do love the relationship which those two have (not least because my inner femslasher is cheering them on), and I hope we get to see more of it as Amelia continues her journey of recovery.

I have no idea what the next episode holds in store for us (and the promo is spectacularly unhelpful in that respect), but I’m very happy about the return of my current favourite show!

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