TV Recap/Review: Private Practice Season 5 Episode 4 (Remember Me)

29 Dec


For me, the most important thing which happened in this episode of Private Practice was seeing Addison’s therapist’s face for the first time. Well, OK, perhaps not the most important thing, there was also…

Cooper’s kid

Both Cooper and Charlotte are scarily calm upon receiving the news that Cooper’s a daddy. In fact, Cooper seems very excited by the whole idea, having never had any biological family members before. But the more she thinks about it (and the more the gossip spreads around the practice), the less happy Charlotte becomes. And, being Charlotte, she takes matters into her own hands, offering to pay Erica to stay away. She’s more than a little insulted by this, and when word gets back to Cooper it results in a blazing row. Can the scriptwriters not let those two be happy for five minutes?

Violet and Pete

Another unhappy couple is Violet and Pete, whose marriage trundles on in the same unhappy state which it has been in since the end of last season. Pete is at work today, and Violet is definitely not babysitting him, not in the slightest. Pete’s also still seeing everyone’s favourite free therapist, Sheldon, and after being told that he’s being an ass he does at least make some effort to relate to his wife. Unfortunately the only way that anyone can relate to Violet at the moment seems to be by telling her that they like her new hair, which may say something about her character. As does the fact that not long before telling Pete to be nice to his wife, Sheldon was telling Amelia that he wanted to strangle her. Can I hear you say double standards?

The amnesiac patient

To fulfill the practice’s daily quota of patients (was anyone surprised when they started having financial problems?) we have Jodie and Zach. Thanks to a car accident, pregnant Jodie has the memory of a goldfish, having to be told everything (including the fact that she’s pregnant) over and over again. “Jodie is very sweet but it is kinda like living with a parrot.” Amelia muses, summing up the situation perfectly. Unfortunately, Zach is sick of taking care of his wife, and is considering taking the baby and leaving her. This leads to a lot of arguments, both with and about the couple, and culminates in Jodie going through most of labour alone and with no idea what’s happening, the thought of which is so terrifying that it makes me seriously consider wearing a crash helmet for the rest of my life. Zach returns at the last minute though, and, having seen Jodie holding her child, doesn’t know if he can stand to leave again.

And of course, we have Addison’s ongoing baby drama. Addison is panicking that Sam will leave her if she goes crazy on her IVF hormones, and the fact the Sam is already panicking about those same hormones making her crazy, I think she might be right to be worried. I live in hope that these two will wake up and see how huge the cracks in their relationship are, but I have a feeling that that’s no more than blind optimism!


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