Recap/Review: The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 4 (Heather)

27 Dec

Finally, some more character development! This episode, the show ramps up both the creepy and the sexy (but mostly the creepy), proving that it can be every bit as awesome as older sibling The Vampire Diaries, just so long as it sticks to the basics. Sex and death; they never fail to hook the viewers!

Heather Barnes

Given the name of the episode, along with what the group discovered last week, it’s somewhat unsurprising that a large part of this episode is devoted to uncovering the story of Heather Barnes. So much so in fact, that no other headers seem necessary. Adam offers to help Cassie search for Heather at the beginning of the episode and Diana, as Cassie’s newly instated BFF, doesn’t seem to mind them spending time alone together. Not that the alone time turns out to be enjoyable, as it leads them to a creepy little fishing village where they find…yet another person who knew Cassie’s mother! At this rate, I’m going to need to start a tally, and perhaps a drinking game as well…

Wade Barnes, Heather’s brother, does not look in the least bit happy to see Cassie and Adam, and we soon see why. Heather Barnes hasn’t moved in sixteen years, and of course it’s all Cassie’s mother’s fault. Cassie clearly has an effect on Heather though, as she grabs her arm with a surprisingly strong grip for someone who’s supposed to be immobile. Cassie and Adam are thrown out immediately, but not before noticing a mark on Heather’s arm. It’s a sigil, which they go straight home to look up in the Book of Shadows.

They realise that Cassie’s mother must have put a spell on Heather, which Cassie wants to reverse. But Diana (never one to resist spoiling an opportunity to practise magic) forbids them from doing it. Enter Faye, who is always on hand when there’s trouble to be made, and before we know it Heather is opening her eyes and throwing her brother at walls. We soon learn that she’s possessed, and that releasing her from the spell was the last thing that anyone should have done. After writhing on the floor for a while, levitating around the house, and nearly killing Cassie and Faye she runs out into the road and is hit by a car. Crisis averted, right?

But where has the demon gone?

Melissa and Nick

OK, so maybe I lied about the headers. Melissa and Nick are important for two reasons this episode. Firstly, for their tumultuous teenage romance: she loves him, he’s unsuitable, her best friend doesn’t like him (or doesn’t trust him, or perhaps is just jealous that she’s no longer getting so much attention). We’ve seen it all before of course, but it doesn’t half make good television! The second reason is much more important, and provides the answer to my last question. The demon, having slithered out of Heather’s lifeless body, finds its way first into Nick’s jacket and then into Melissa’s ear. Oh, we have not seen the last of this…

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