Recap/Review: The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 4 (Disturbing Behaviour)

20 Oct

The Originals

This is only Rebekah’s second episode, and already I love her. But more than that, I love the dynamic between her and Klaus (“Will you stop making me out to be a brat? I am not a brat!” “A thousand years of life experience says otherwise.”), and when you add Stefan to the mix, you get a really awesome trio. I can genuinely see these three hanging out forever for all eternity. However, with Klaus coming ever closer to discovering that Elena is still alive, this looks unlikely to happen.

In this episode, Klaus convinces Gloria to scry for Rebekah’s necklace, leading her to discover her secret. Luckily for him, she doesn’t tell the Originals. Unluckily for him, she wants the necklace for herself, and decides the best way to get it is by tying him to a table and practicing a little old-school voodoo. His luck hasn’t run out quite yet though, as Katherine arrives to rescue her, hoping to work with him to find the vampire hunter from whom Klaus has apparently been running for centuries. He turns her down though, allowing Katherine go back to her old favourite activity, impersonating Elena.

The Teens

Bonnie’s back! Now, I don’t always like her, but her absence from the show definitely leaves a hole. And in this case, she’s back just in the nick of time as boyfriend Jeremy has been dreaming about Anna. The aforementioned dead vampire ex-girlfriend is continuing to show up when he least expects it, and this week she seems to be doing her utmost to keep Jeremy away from his new girlfriend. She has forgotten one thing though, and that’s that his new girlfriend’s a witch, who is understandably worried about her boyfriend seeing dead people. But as of yet, we have no solution to this particular problem, and I for one am interested to see where it leads.

There’s another interesting relationship development in this episode, with Elena and Damon making chilli and being unbearably couple-y. (“I knew your old family.” Damon teases, moments before bumping hips with the love of his brother’s life. “They made sucky chilli.”). It falls to Caroline to dispense relationship advice, in a role that she hasn’t had for far too long in this show. “Where’s Damon?” Elena asks, and Caroline’s response is “Probably off somewhere doing bad things to good people…consider me the honesty police.” Classic. However much the supernatural goings-on may be the driving force behind this show, sometimes all it needs is a little light-hearted teenage drama.

The Council

Here’s something else we haven’t heard about in a while, the Council. This episode there are two people trying to force their way into this prestigious circle, and both of them are somewhat unlikely candidates for membership. The first is Bill Forbes, whose presence is unexpected purely because Damon was supposed to have compelled him to forget everything that happened in the last episode. Apparently that willpower that he’s been practising really does work! However, he nearly doesn’t live to tell the tale, as Damon attempts to go back to finish the job, and not with compulsion this time. Luckily for him, his daughter is able to put last week’s torture session behind her to save his life (or maybe she just enjoys beating the crap out of Damon).

The second new Council member is Alaric, who has been going to great lengths to protect Elena this episode, even fighting with his old buddy Damon. And he might just be the first Council member to know everything about the supernatural happenings in the town first-hand. But whether that will make the Council any more effective at protecting the town’s inhabitants is another matter entirely…

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