Recap/Review: Private Practice Season 5 Episode 2 (Breaking the Rules)

13 Oct


This episode seemed a little disjointed in comparison to last week’s, although I was impressed with the way in which Amelia’s addiction storyline is being handled. A little more focus on patients and a little less on the doctors’ private lives would also be nice – I’d like to convince myself that I’m not watching a glorified soap opera!

Pete’s rage

A month has passed between this episode and the season premiere, and Pete is now back at work, although Violet is constantly hovering over his shoulder (whether through boredom or actual concern is anyone’s guess). He resents this, he resents the fact that Addison has filled his office with boxes, and to be honest, he resents everything and everyone. Later, Violet brings out the Oceanside Wellness doctors’ favourite word (mean) and tells Pete to get a therapist, because she won’t be his punching bag. He certainly needs something.

Charlotte and Cooper

Unsurprisingly, Cooper’s storyline for this week involves a patient with whom he gets too involved. This particular patient needs cord blood to keep her alive, but she can only get it from the private banks, which aren’t supposed to be accessed. Of course, when Charlotte tells him this, he goes behind her back, hacks into her computer, and visits a family in the hope of guilt-tripping them into donating their cord blood. Then, when they refuse, he simply forges the signature. Charlotte is understandably unimpressed, and tells Cooper that he has no self control. This message clearly sinks in well, as in the next scene a drunken Cooper is heard to exclaim, “Self control is overrated!”

Amelia’s addiction problems

Charlotte has other things on her mind apart from her husband’s law-breaking, as Amelia tells her that she has been sober for thirty days. “Good for you,” Charlotte replies, refusing to restore Amelia’s surgical privileges. Later, when Sheldon (who is doing pretty well in his role as her knight in shining armour) corners her in her office, she tells him that she resents Charlotte for not giving her a second chance. Last week, I found Amelia’s drunkenness amusing, now I feel genuinely sorry for her – imagine being judged forever for one slip-up! Sheldon does intervene with Charlotte, and Amelia’s surgical privileges are restored, but the stress has clearly taken its toll, as at the end of the episode we see Amelia sitting in Addison’s kitchen with a half-empty bottle of wine.

Addison and her men

This episode, Addison begins to deal with the repercussions of her ‘fling’ with Jake, as he interviews for Naomi’s job. Everyone else adores him, and rightly so, as he answers every question flawlessly and even gives the practice advice on how to deal with the law suit against them. At this point, Addison is forced to enlist Violet’s help to find a reason not to hire him, which of course involves telling her everything. Now, I’m sorry, but it’s going to take me a while to find these two believable as friends – four seasons of competition is hard to forget! But regardless, the only problem that Violet can find is that Jake isn’t a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, a problem which, being the Teflon Man, he later rectifies. This storyline is a little too reminiscent of the first season of Grey’s Anatomy for my liking, although the number of times that Addison said “We were broken up!” (in a clear attempt by the writers to disassociate themselves from Friends) did amuse me.

Elsewhere, Addison and Sam have moved in together, although Sam has two problems: one is that Addison is now his boss, and the other is that Addison wants to use condoms. Cue the customary dancing around of issues which so often occurs between these two, until finally in one of their famous beach scenes, Addison tells Sam that she has hired Jake and Sam reveals that he’s bought condoms. Addisam are still on, for now at least…

In other news, Addison is still seeing her therapist, and the writers could really do with checking their fats, as any Grey’s Anatomy fan could tell you that it was poison oak which Addison got in Season 2 of Grey’s, not poison ivy. It would be nice if she could remember that herself…

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