A Note on TV Recaps and Reviews

2 Oct

As of last Thursday, when Private Practice returned for its fifth season, Friday became both my favourite and my least favourite day.  My favourite because I have new episodes of three of my favourite shows (The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, and Private Practice) to watch, and my least favourite because I have to decide which to watch first! As my grandmother would say, it’s a hard life for a crust…

Anyway, this is more of a problem now because I’m determined to recap and review (mostly recap, to be honest) all three of these shows, but I don’t want to blog four times on a Friday (three recaps and my Fiction Friday post), and not at all for the rest of the week. So, I’ll continue to post my Fiction Friday entries on Fridays (it wouldn’t make sense to post them on any other day after all), and then my three recaps staggered throughout the week, making sure that they’re all up in time for the new episodes on Friday.

(It should be noted that I’m simultaneously impressed at myself making these grand plans, and wary of how well I’ll be able to stick to them once the new term starts.)


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