Reading Festival (a.k.a My Newfound Love for Frank Turner)

31 Aug

Last Sunday, along with 80,000 others, I was rocking it up at Reading Festival. Despite living less than half an hour away from the festival site, this was my first time attending and to make the experience that much better, I went with my father. Yes, my father, who has now decided that he is (and I quote) a “rock god” after one music festival. And if you’re wondering why I went with him, I think you can probably guess. Can I afford Reading tickets? No. Can he? Yes, of course.

The highlight of Sunday for many people was Muse’s performance, complete with fireworks, plumes of smoke, and a life-size recreation of their ‘Origin of Symmetry’ album cover (the album which they played in full as part of their set). But personally (and this is coming from someone who slipped off during Muse’s set to watch Pete Doherty on the Festival Republic stage, so you are at liberty to discount my opinion), I found the highlight of the festival to be Frank Turner.

An artist who has, in his day, played every stage at Reading, and grew up attending the festival, he was deserving of a later (and longer) slot on the main stage than the 2pm one he was allotted. However, I won’t complain about that, as the early slot allowed him to play a second set on the Lock-up stage, incorporating older classic tunes, such as Queen’s ‘Somebody to Love’. But it was his main set that really wowed the crowds – other artists may have got them to sway or clap their hands, but only Frank succeeded in convincing everyone to sit down in the mud. And (in true Bank Holiday fashion) it had been raining, there was a lot of mud to be sat in.

I saw many other great acts on Sunday, and of course Muse was one of them, but it’s Frank Turner’s music that has been on repeat on my iPod since I got home (and will continue to be on repeat for a very long time), and it’s Frank Turner who I bought tickets to see again in November as soon as I surfaced on Monday morning (well, afternoon). What can I say? I don’t fall in love with music as easily as some, but when I fall, I fall hard.


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