Breakfast at Tiffanys

23 Aug

Three years ago, when I was eagerly awaiting my 18th birthday, I caught my aunt (who, as the managing director of a jewellery firm, and thus usually gives generous gifts) hiding a Tiffany bag as I walked into the room. I was very excited by this (a glimpse of that Tiffany blue can have that effect on a girl), and was almost disappointed when the gift that later materialised was not in fact from Tiffany & Co. (And please note the word almost. The box, although not in the famous Tiffany blue, contained diamonds, and I challenge you to find a girl who could be disappointed with diamonds).

So this year, not expecting anything, I will admit to letting out a squeal of delight as a blue box appeared from under the wrappings. It contained this bracelet:

I love it, it’s beautiful, looks great with the rest of my jewellery (I wear a lot of silver and white gold), and is fun to fiddle with (always important to me). The little blue box sitting proudly on my desk is just an added bonus!



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