Freshfields Summer Fayre

26 Jul

This entry will be a short (and possibly badly-formatted) one, as I’m currently in the middle of nowhere in North Wales, keeping company with sheep, seagulls, and my insane family.

On our first day here, we went to the Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre for their summer fayre, which was a lovely event, although I did want to take every single one of the animals home, especially as most of them were horses and cats. But this was one of my favourites:


This is Jimmy. We watched him for a while through the bars of the cage, and felt quite sorry for him, thinking that he looked old and sad. Then we got talking to one of the members of staff, and realised that he wasn’t in fact sad, just very very pissed off. He was a farm cat, and usually he gets free reign of the shelter grounds, but had been locked up just for the fayre. The reason? He liked to attack dogs. The more we looked, the more we could see a slightly malicious glint in his eye. I for one was glad we wouldn’t be there when he finally got let out!


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