New Blog

26 Jun

As WordPress apparently wants me to say it, hello world! Although it’s not really hello to the world, at least not the internet world, as you’ll know if you’ve been linked over from my travel blog From Russia With Mixed Feelings. I am intending to keep that going as much as possible, but as I’m being forced to settle down for a while (not that I want to, but unfortunately my degree is begging to be completed) I’ve decided to start this new blog, partly to test the delights of WordPress, and partly to give me a place to talk about something other than travel.

So what can you expect to find here?

A little bit of everything really. This blog is meant as a place for me to talk about my feelings (be they mixed or otherwise) towards a variety of things: films, books, fashion, foreign languages, and my ongoing struggle to squeeze some money out of my writing. The fact that I do want to write on a variety of topics is the main reason I’ve switched to WordPress, as that way I can file everything in categories and please the part of my brain that longs for everything to be organised into tidy little boxes, without having to have hundreds of blogs all over the internet.

And who am I?

I am Julie. (You may not be surprised to learn this, given the title of my blog.) Currently, I am a penniless student, not quite so penniless due to a stint teaching English to a lot of intelligent and inspiring children in Vienna (and a few unintelligent and uninspiring ones too, but I still got paid for teaching them so they can be forgiven this), dividing my time between my childhood home in Berkshire and my student room (which just happens to be in a castle, thus beating most student rooms hands down) in Durham and dreaming of a life writing (and hopefully getting paid for it) in a big city. Quite which big city I’m not sure (although London, New York, and somewhat bizarrely Liverpool are all high on the list), but big is certainly a specification.

How often will you be hearing from me?

At the moment, with the long summer holidays stretching before me and a stack of ideas to write about, I hope to blog at least twice a week. However, when I return to university, with the pressures of final year essays and (perhaps more importantly) a mass of extra-curricular commitments, this may have to decrease to weekly entries. But whatever happens, I will make sure to update as frequently as possible.


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